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Liberty Business Network (LBN), an Ignite Liberty brand (IL), has been engaged in bridging the gap between conservative business owners and the consumers who wish to support them. In particular, LBN, which connects businesses with customers through a unique application programming interface (API) unlike any other service.

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Let us work for you

Conservative customers are among the most committed and loyal customers a business can have. In this socio-political environment, tens of thousands of these amazing customers in the Metro area are looking for businesses like yours to support.

Let us work for you.

LBN is your bridge to connecting with this valuable consumer base, and a per-month rate far less than Facebook and other social media advertising. With our committed subscriber/reader base, accompanied by our website and soon-coming app, we will be able to connect you directly with these customers through their mobile devices, allowing you to micro-target your advertising unlike ever before.

What the catch?

The only thing we require from our businesses is a pledge to honor their customer’s bodily autonomy by never requiring them to wear masks or show proof of vaccination in order to be served in your store. Our consumer base doesn’t want to be treated like second-class citizens and be forced to use curbside service just in order to shop with you. All we ask is you treat them with respect and dignity and welcome them into your store, no questions asked.

Help us create the first local conservative economy in the Country!

The joy and bond that you will create with your customers by allowing their smiling faces to grace your establishment will bring benefits to your establishment far beyond financial – and those will be substantial! Our consumers would rather support businesses like yours instead of focusing on boycotting others.

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We connect business owners with like-minded consumers.

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